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  • CCC Systems

    Advantages of On-Board Navigation iDrive knows your BMW the way a portable system can’t. On-board navigation systems like iDrive are installed in the dashboard of your vehicle during the manufacturing process. Some drivers, however, purchase Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) that can be moved from car to car.Like iDrive, these GPS-enabled portable devices provide navigation assistance. But the comparison ends there. Because it is integrated with your car’s interior functions, iDrive provides greater levels of reliability, convenience and performance. iDrive offers: Greater Resale Value: Vehicles with on-board navigation consistently test as ‘more desirable’ among BMW drivers than ones without navigation. Integration: With iDrive, all of the vehicle’s main dashboard components (CD/Multimedia, Radio, Telephone, Navigation, Contacts, BMW Assist™, Vehicle Info and Settings) are integrated into one system with a single controller. More Features: Most Personal Navigation Devices only provide navigation, while several BMW on-board models are capable of doing more—for instance, playing DVDs or connecting to HD radio, iPods or MP3 players. Additionally, the on-board monitor offers at-a-glance visibility that is superior to the smaller screens of PNDs. External Antenna: On-board navigation systems have an external antenna, providing the strongest possible satellite signal. Real-Time Traffic Information: Some BMW On-Board Navigation systems provide real-time traffic information so drivers can avoid congested roads

  • CIC Systems

    BMW ROAD MAP CIC USB HDD 2013 + 2014 CIC stands for Car Infotainment Computer These updates are for late 2008 And above models Some 2009 cars will need a small firmware update from Dealer, to allow the new 7 postcode. We offer activation Codes for CIC navigation map data-update Road Map, World Wide Europe/North America Premium + Motion and Move 2013. You have 100% warranty that you get the code same day Insert the first DVD in the player and follow the instructions, the first thing you ask for is the activation code, and then you have to insert the two discs when you ask for them. When ending the recording process DVD (2:30 h), or via USB takes 40 minutes Then reboot the system and everything finished NBT Models: (F01, F02, F03, F04, F10, F11, F20, F21, F30, F31, F32, F33) CIC Supported vehicles: E60 E61 E63 E64 - from 11/2008 E81 E82 E87 E88 E90 E91 E92 E93 - from 09/2008 E70 E71 - from 10/2009 E84 - from SOP F01 F02 F03 F04 F07 F10 F11 F18 F25

  • FSC Key Generator and key

    Order your FSC navigation code here,Single or Lifetime code. Life time codes mean that once you bought this code from us,you will never have to buy another code again when upgrading in the future. Price wise this is the best deal you can get for your car

  • Installed Software HDD

    Here are the software for BMW which has been installed in HDD, you only need to insert to your laptop to use.

  • NBT Systems

    The new BMW Professional Navigation system will retain the same option code - 609 as the current system and naturally replace this from the appropriate production date. Please note that the new system is currently (as at 06/12) only available on the following models: - All F01/02 LCI models (included as standard equipment) from SOP 07/12. - All F31 models (as an option) from SOP 07/12 production. This product is available for all regions! To speed up the upgrade process, I recommend using USB Flash Drive. The update process will be much faster.

  • Offical DVD Software

    Here are all BMW Offical DVD software, includes BMW ETK, BMW WDS and so on.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items