03-2015 Super ICOM A2 Tablet Is On Sale

Dear Customers All,

03-2015 Super ICOM A2 Tablet is new released,it can both work with LAN & WLAN .

Super ICOM Sotfware is installed in tablet,go with 160GB SSD,which runs much faster than normal HDD.

This scanner is able to upgrade online(http://www.supericom.com) by Super icom updater v1.0

This scanner is based on ISPI Next System, not the normal Rheingold, 100% same as the latest one that BMW Dealer is using.


Tablet We Offer: 2G RAM, CPU 1037U / 1.8GHZ, 160 GB SSD

Software in Super ICOM ISPI Next 2015-03 (21 kinds in total):

1) ISTA-D: 3.47.30

2) ISTA-P:

3) Super iCOM Updater v1.0 (for Online Upgrade)

4) ISPI local

5) Itoolradar

6) Super iCOM SN Reader v1.0

7) Super iCOM Tray


9) VIN to HEX Decoder/Encoder

10) EWS Editor v3.2.0

11) Ncs Dummy 5.0.5

12) Ncs Dummy 6.0.1

13) INPA

14) NCS Expert Tool

15) WinKFP

16) E-Sys

17) Ediabas Configuration Tool

18) Ediabas Toolset 32

19) CCleaner

20) BMW Expert Mode/Enginner mode (For single module programming,with Expert Mode,you are able to coding the module one by one no need whole car coding, then you are very easy to perform the function you need.It will save your time.)

21) Teamviewer (For remote control)

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Super iCOM Esys 3.26.1