Benz XDOS Win7 2015-09 Version Released!

Benz XDOS Win7 2015-09 Version Released! We have already installed the new version Benz software based Windows7 OS 64 Bit. The software run very fast even you insert the HDD into DELL D630 laptop.

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Benz XDOS Win7 OS Xentry 2015-09

The Benz XDOS 2015-09 version is the latest version from Mercedes, which contants 2015-09/10/11 3 Months database.

DAS 2015-09 version we installed standard alone edition, you can start directly from desktop.

XDOS DAS 2015-09

WIS we installed is 2015-10 version (Full version).

WIS 2015-10

EPC we installed is 2015-09 version (Updated).

EPC 2015-09

BENZ WIN7 EPC Installed

Vediamo 05.01.00 is also the latest version, we installed as well.

Win7 Benz Vediamo 05.01.00

Benz XDOS Win7 OS is able to work with any laptops without config anything, it will install the software driver automatically after you enter the windows7 desktop. We have already made the Xentry active video, WIS/EPC active video on the desktop, you can easily active the software yourself after watching the videos.

Below are some photos of the screen shot for Xentry. If you want to buy this software, please click here>>

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Benz XDOS WIN7 Vehicle List

Benz WIN7 Xentry list

Benz WIN7 Xentry -VAN

Benz WIN7 Xentry Truck

Benz WIN7 Xentry list

Benz Win7 Xentry Buses

Benz XDOS WIN7 Super Sports Cars

Benz Win7 DAS

Benz WIN7 Xentry list