Terms and Conditions of Use

X431SHOP Technology Co.,Ltd sales only quality products and equipment. We sale our items with limited one year warranty (depends on item type). Only devices (scanners, programmers, adapters) are covered by the X431SHOP Workshop warranty, other items such cables, cases and other accessories are not covered by the X431SHOP Workshop warranty program.

How it works – X431SHOP Technology Co.,Ltd warranty system

Warranty program works very easy, if your device stops working properly stop using it and contact us as soon as possible. When you contact us at first we will try to resolve problem through phone or email by giving you instructions off repair steps. If that doesn’t work you’ll send* us your device by the DHL, UPS or other post service with problem description. When we get your broken device we repair it or change (depends on damage) and send it back for you with the same DHL, UPS or other post service.

* note – we do not cover any shipping costs.

Restrictions!!! There will be no free warranty service:

if you damage device while doing device firmware updates incorectly;
if you damage device while using it wrong (example – if you connect diagnostic device to car while it is connected to external battery charger and etc.);
if you damage warranty seals on the device housing;
if you damage device with while using non proper power source (external power supply);
if you damage device physically (drop, hit or etc.);
if you damage device with watter spill or other liquid;
if you damage device while using it with non proper cables and adapters or other accessories;
if you damage device while using wrong cable not suitable for specific car;
if you damage device while using it in conditions not compatible with conditions described in device user manual instructions.

Other details

X431SHOP can repair your broken device even if it is damaged and not covered by the warranty. In such case you should contact us and describe how device is damaged. We will tell you how much will cost a repair and shipping (we do not cover device shipping costs when shipping back to client when device is not covered by the warranty program). We have all parts and accessories needed for any our device repair (cables, monitors, housings, proper firmware and software and etc.).

Service and maintenance

X431SHOP provides full device service and maintenance. We can update your device firmware and software. If you want to have full service and maintenance for your device(-s) please contact us for more details

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