BMW ICOM A2 With Win7 Software 2017-08

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Operate system is win7, including ISTAD, ISTAP, iToolRadar,Teamviewer ,can connect to internet.

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Tool BOXNo
Weight2.5 kg
Version2017.08 ISTA-D 4.06.31 ISTA-P
Tech SupportYes
Operate SystemWindows 7

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BMW ICOM A2 With Win7 Software

bmw icom a2


1. Software inside in BMW ICOM A2 Win7 HDD (4 kinds in total):

ISTA-D 4.06.31 (For Diagnostic)

ISTA-P (For Programming)


Teamviewer (For remote control)

 BWM ICOM A2 Software


2.  ISTA-D & ISTA-P Languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Thai, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish, Greek (Please choose one of this languages)

Attention : Wiring digram and service plan only can be got in English,that means if you want to use wiring digram or service plan ,the software language should be changed to english

BMW ICOM A2 ISTA-D Languages


3. Features:

HDD Type: Internal HDD

HDD Capacity: 320GB

Operating System: Winows 7


4. Vehicle List:

 ISTA/D: Cars, Mini, Motorcycles, Rolls Royce, BMW i Series, BMW Compagna Motors

 ISTA/P: BMW / BMW Motorcycle / BMW i / BMW Mini / Rolls-Royce / BMW UX

Requirements of the laWe can offer many kinds of BMW ICOM A2,please choose the one you need:

1. BMW ICOM A2 With internal HDD

2. BMW ICOM A2 With Dell D630 Laptop(2G RAM , T7500CPU, Second Hand)

3. BMW ICOM A2 With Dell E6430 Laptop(4G RAM , i5CPU, Refurbished)

4. BMW ICOM A2 With Lenovo T61 Laptop(4G RAM , T7500CPU, Second Hand)

5. BMW ICOM A2 With Lenovo T410 Laptop(4G RAM , i5CPU, Second Hand)

6.BMW ICOM A2 With Lenovo E49 Laptop(4G RAM , i5CPU, Refurbished)

7.BMW ICOM A2 With Panasonic CF-30 Touch Screen Laptop (2G RAM,T7500CPU,Refurbished)

8.BMW ICOM A2 With Lenovo X201T Touch Screen Laptop(4G RAM,i7 CPU,Second Hand)

BMW ICOM A2 With Panasonic CF30 Laptop

Requirements of the laptops for mobile HDD or Internal HDD :

Make sure your laptop CPU at least i3, the best is i5 , and the RAM should be 2G or above , then it can the software can run in normal speed , if your laptop can not meet this , the software will be not able to run.


Professional diagnostic tool ICOM for BMW diagnostic, Coding and programming on with software ISTA/D and ISTA/P, Full Comprehensive professional dealer system for nearly all BMW (BMW Cars, BMW i, Mini, BMW Motorcycle, Rolls-Royce, Mini Cooper) UP TO 2016.

The full system replace DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS.


Package list:

ICOM A2 = NEW iCom diagnostics head (interface) with OBD2 port, USB port and LAN port

- ICOM B = MOST interface with fiber connection plug

- ICOM C = round diagnostic connector for older B MWs (before BJ 2001)

- Long RJ45 network Lan cable 

- USB cable for the connection of ICOM A and ICOM B

- OBD II Cable

- 320GB HDD with software

- USB Key

- Laptop (optional)

- Laptop Charger

BMW ICOM A2 With Win8.1 Software HDD


We can provide software including Wiring Diagram System(WDS) and Service Plan in follow languages :

1.Chinese   2.Dutch   3.English GB   4.English US   5.French   6.German   7.Russian

8.Greek   9.Italian   10.Japanese   11.Korean   12.Portugese   13.Spanish   14.Swedish


Please pay extral 50USD if you need one of the above languages(except English)

We can add the BMW Expert mode if you need, it is 99USD,please contact with us when you make order.


If you want to buy BMW ICOM A with BMW ICOM Motorcycle 10Pin Cable,please order it here:


BMW ICOM A2 Main Board



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      BMW ICOM A2 With Win7 Software 2017-08

      BMW ICOM A2 With Win7 Software 2017-08

      Operate system is win7, including ISTAD, ISTAP, iToolRadar,Teamviewer ,can connect to internet.